Neurofeedback, or neuro biofeedback, has been one of my most effective rehabilitation strategies. It is incredibly effective at improving so many of the symptoms of TBI at the same time- attention, mood, cognition, pain, sleep. —
You are hooked up to an EEG, which will monitor your brain waves. It is frequently described as acting as a mirror which allows your brain to realize it has been doing something incorrectly, which then allows the brain to heal itself in that correction. I would watch a movie attached to the neurofeedback equipment. When I was fully concentrated, a drum “reward” would play. If my brain waves showed distraction or stress, the sound and, eventually, the display would fade, which my brain would obviously interpret as negative feedback. —- I spent one week doing two sessions per day because I was only home for spring break. That week was brutally exhausting, but it gave me the most noticeable improvements up to that point (about two years post-accident.) I felt as if the fog had lifted. My mood, concentration, and anxiety all improved drastically.

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